Jabulani Jewellery CC has been manufacturing "colour sussed" contemporary Zulu beadwork accessories and African beaded jewellery since 1990.

This distinctive craft of beadwork is a trademark of South Africa's proud heritage. Paula Goosen who established Jabulani Jewellery CC, "tweeks" traditional Zulu beadwork skills resulting in a vibrant variety of ethnic beaded jewellery and accessories, which now also includes fresh water, pearls, crystals, gem stones and felt beads.

Our Zulu beaded creations are handcrafted with a distinctively ethnic flair, resulting in beaded jewellery with a uniquely African look and feel.


Our beaded necklaces, chokers, bracelets, bangles and earings make the perfect accessory or gift for any one. We supply a range of handcrafted Zulu beadwork curios and artefacts for export to the international market.

We have established an honest and open trading relationship with a rural community, which has one of the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS in the world. At Jabulani we believe that by paying a fair price for skill and effort, we foster respect and dignity. As a result, we have witnessed a wonderful improvement in the quality of our beadwomen's lives. Every handcrafted Zulu beaded jewellery piece, curio or artefact that is purchased helps to sustain the lives of real people.


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